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i am seriously starting to think that work is trying to kill me playing volleyball through school days i never thought aw school is making it hard for me to play but now that im working 9 till 5 and on my feet all day by the time i get home my left knee is killing me (patella tendinitis) and i am just to wankered to feel like playing but thats when my love of the sport really come through even though i have no strength or energy left i still get my ass out off the couch and go and play always ending in an even harder day of work the next day ,this is my life atm kids stay in school it makes volleyball easier ;) 


Anonymous asked:

I love you blog. It's incredible, my favorite. I actually just got back from volleyball practice too, when I came a crossed it. Lol

thanks brings a smile to know people like my blog thankyou so much, spread the word of my blog get everyone in on it the more followers the memes i find and make 

i would like to admit that i am an idiot i currently have the worlds biggest hangover after one hell of a night out in town, have very little memory of the night but i am missing over $100 probably spent on drinks, but what makes me an idiot is that i did all that knowing that i had a volleyball game tonight and my neck is killing me my head is throbbing and i am feeling so damn seedy gonna be a fun game and will probably puck at some point during the game, this is my life dont you wish you could party with me ;)

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